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 Teaching StaffDr.Sayf     Tuesday, December 12, 2017  
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General Information                                                         

Name: - Sayf Monem Aziz

Scientific Title : Assistant Lecturer in Oral Pathology

Department of  Oral Diagnosis 

Date of birth: - 19-2-1982

Marital Status:-  Married

Mobile Number: - +9647501403979

E-mail address: - dr.saif82@yahoo.com

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Education: -

1-B.D.S Degree in dental surgery  on 30/6/2005 obtained from the College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad.

2- Msc in experimental oral pathology awarded from the Bart's and London school of medicine and dentistry of Queen Mary University    for the year 2012-2013 and the subjects studied during the course are as follows.

1- Molecular organization of the cell

2 Theoretical methods in cell and molecular biology

3- The biology of oral tissues

4- Cellular pathology

5- Inflammation and Microbiology

6- Oral biology and Microbiology

7- Laboratory techniques

 8-Statistics, Ethics and Research Methods 

Summary of lab skills

 Transformation of the plasmid with required E.coli bacterial strain.

 Preparation of lysogeny broth agar media for the growing bacterial species.

 Isolation of the resulted bacterial pellets and purifying the bacterial DNA using silica spin column.

  Measuring the concentration of the purified DNA using Nano drop spectrophotometer.

 Preparation of analytic gel electrophoresis to confirm that we have the right protein and capturing photos using UV transillumination. 

 Digestion of the vector and the insert DNA with restriction enzymes.

 Ligation of the digested vector and insert DNA, elongation of the DNA by using PCR machine.

 Confirming that we have the right DNA sequence by sequencing the DNA of few clones then translation of the sequence.

 Expression of the ligated DNA with E.coli bacterial strain using IPTG.

 Denaturation and refolding of the resulted protein as the protein was found inside occlusion bodies starting with sonication with bug buster and rocking, denaturation of the protein with 6M Guanidimium and refolded using glutathione and argenine.

 Concentration of the refolded protein using Amicon centrifugation tubes.

 Staining fixed cells by the resulted protein and examination by using wide filed microscope.



 mRNA purification.

 Lab safety protocol.

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