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 Teaching StaffDr.Araz     Tuesday, December 12, 2017  
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Hawler Medical University CV

Academic year: 2016– 2017


Dr. Araz Muhammad Yousif

PhD in Oral clinical Analytical Biochemistry

Basic Science Department/Dentistry College/HMU/Erbil/ Iraq

Email: araz.zangana@den.hmu.edu.krd    or


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Training Courses

·         Teaching course in College of Science Education/ Salahaddin University

·         Computer course in College of Dentistry/Hawler Medical University

·         Training Courses of Laboratory assays in Hawler Teaching Hospital

·         Training course on chemical separations & advanced chromatographic techniques in GC &            HPLC applications in Dohuk University/ Education College

·         ICILG pathology work shop in Ministry of health/Erbil-Iraq

·         Training course on PCR techneques in Medical research center/Erbil-Iraq

·         IBRO Course in neuroscience in College of Science / Salahaddin University

·         Research training course in Medical research center/Erbil-Iraq

·         Training of new HPLC generation in Medical research center/Erbil-Iraq

           Too many workshops.


*      Conference of chemists role in syndicate in Erbil- Iraq

*      2ed International Conference of Medical Science in Erbil- Iraq

*      3rd International Conference for Medical Sciences in Erbil- Iraq

*      4th Iraq Dental Reunion in Erbil- Iraq

*      5th Iraq Dental Reunion in Erbil- Iraq

*      15th  International Conference on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in Paris -France


  •          Alterations of Some Heavy Metals and Trace Elements Levels in Breast Cancer. Med Chem. Vol.                             7, Issue 1, 2017

  •          Enzymes Activites & Lipid Profiles Among Patients with Breast Cancer. WJPPS. Vol. 6, Issue 1,            2017. 

  •          An Investigation of Salivary Biomarkers in Acute Leukemia Patients.DJM. Vol. 11, Issue 1,                    2016.

  •          Steroid Hormones, Immunoglobulins and Some Biochemical Parameters Changes in Patients              with Breast Cancer. DJM. Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2016.

  •          Association of Angina Pectoris with Some Heavy Metals. DJM. Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2015.

  •          Evaluation of some trace elements levels in sera of patients with Angina Pectoris in Erbil city.              IDJ. Vol. 36, Issue 3, 2014.

  •          Determination of amlodipine beyslate tablets by reverse flow injection chemiluminescence                  technique. ICFIA.2008.

  •         The biochemical & pH effect of salivary vitamin C & citrate on dental caries in vitro system.                    Zanco.2004.

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