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 Teaching StaffDr.Shahen     Tuesday, December 12, 2017  
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1.     Training Courses




1-DOTS Program


Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler/TB Centre

2-Workshop in Introductory Course  In Dental Implantology


26thMarch 2005 

Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler

3-Interpersonal Communication    

June 2006

Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler

4-Teaching Methods Course


Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler/College Of Pharmacy

5-Developing Student Centred Learning(University of Glasgow)

27th-30th March 2011

Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler

6-Developing Student Centred Learning(University of Glasgow)

20th -22nd  9-2011    

Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler

7-Workshop in Laser Dentistry     

March     2013                             

Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler

Oral medicine workshop                                           

Erbil         23-24 February-2014

Iraq /Kurdistan-Hawler




1-Rheumatoid Arthritis Of The Temporomandibular Joint ,A Clinical And Radiographical Study             

2- Analysis Of 340 Cases Visited Rizgary Hospital In Hawler City During 2009-2010

3-Efficacy Of Topical Flax Paint For The Treatment Of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis

4- Topical Treatment of Herpes Simplex Lesion by Lavender Cream

Mustansiria Dental Journal

Mustansiria Dental Journal

J Bagh College Dentistry

J Bagh College Dentistry`

2009-Vol :6

2011-Vol :8

2011-Vol :23


5-Papillon –Lefevre Syndrome:

Case Report and Review of Literature

6-The Effect of Green Tea Extract on Submandibular Salivary  Gland of Methotrexate Treated Albino Rats: Immunohistochemical Study.

8-Midline Lethal Granuloma Case Report And  Review Of Literature

3rd International Conference for Medical Sciences (conference proceeding book (volumII)

Journal of Cytology And Histology

Zanko Journal Of Medical Sciences.

Oct 23-26,2012

January '2014 Volume5.issue 2

March -9-2014



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