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 Teaching StaffDr.Maysarah Al-Ammar     Tuesday, December 12, 2017  
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    Dr. Maysarah K. Al-Ammar

MBChB., FRCS General Surgery 

E mail: m.alammr@den.hmu.edu.krd

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Curriculum Vitae 

The name; maysar kadhum Hassan Al-ammar

Birth date; 3/01/1968 ....... IRAQ/Baghdad

Social status; married /compatible spouse

Profession; General Surgeon(Ph.D)

Driving licence/language; Dubai licence + Arabic and English languages

Email ; dr.alamar@yahoo.com                   mobile erbil.. 0750 7807891

                        Computer skills....excellent .

Undergraduate;  1986-1992   MBCHB....Mustansiyria/baghdad

Postgraduate ;  PART  I &  PART II  ......  FRCS...2001   Jordan(Amman)..

                            PART I   intercollegiate Bahrain.....FRCS...2006 January

                           PART II   Intercollegiate  Bahrain....FRCS...2006 September

                          PART  III  Intercollegiate  Malaysia(peneng) ...oral (viva

                                               on  Basic Sciences..(included & regulated on 6 bays)  July 2007

                          PART IIIa    intercollegiate   Malysia (peneng)...communication skills bay.

                                    IIIb    intercollegiate history taken(long-case) bay   .....November 2007

                          PART IV    Intercollegiate clinical bays..(orthop.+vascular+general surgery trunk and skin bays)..the entire clinical bays are four..

                                                ...... April..2009...Bhrain..SULAIMANIYIA HOSPITAL

Career profile ;

From 1992-2000 ....upgrading work experience from junior house officer

                                       To senior house officer kept rounding on Baghdad hosp.circular

From 2001-2010 ....united arab emirates (UAE)..Dubai..(DOH) Licence

      During my lengthy stay  i d been working at some private hospitals herein;

MedCare  hospital ..dubai..on privileged jumaira beach scenary..

BIlhoul hospital..both the eurepian branch and kh.br.....dubai..

H.M.R.T. day care hospital

Training courses...

Governorate teaching hospitals for my postgraduate study on part-time attendance..

In dubai.......             RASHID HOSPITAL... 6 month ..general surgery dep.

In dubai.....                al baraha hospital.... 6 month probation on surgical training setting.

In sharja......             kuwaitee hospital...4 month.. general surgery dep.

In sharja....               al quasiymia hospital 2 month...vascular surgery dep.

In ajman...               khalifa bin zayed hospital 6 month..general surgery dep.

                  Notes to be considered ;

During my career i had been intriguingly enthusiastic with the ACLS & ATLS courses to revive and soften my Career profile ...

Secondly .. i had been attended and finalised the training course of communication skills in Dublin.








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